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TeXchange Panel: Content Marketing

Founder of Orchid Agency
Carla Sinfon
September 15, 2017
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We all heard the same, cliche saying “content is king” and while the trends of demand generation, growth marketing, account-based marketing have dominated in the last couple of years the basis for those trends remains the same - you need great content to drive results.

During this panel discussion we shared a lot of key lessons in marketing across consumer and b2b motions but one takeaway remains the same - everything depends on great content.

4 Must Haves of Engaging Content 

1. Keep it Short

People have extremely short attention spans, especially when they are constantly bombarded with information from their inbox,  to in-app notification, sometimes you can't even look at your bank accounts without a marketing offer.  Average time of viewing website content is

2. Select a Provocative Topic

Additionally its extremely important to position the content in a provocative way. Most companies just produce the same, boring, undifferentiated content assets. No wonder people aren't reading them. Pick a topic that no one is covering,  or cover a topic with a new thought and framework - its ok if its controversial - that will stand out and resonate.

3. Include Data Stats

Include data points, but not too many. Data driven content is more likely to get views, longer read times and more likely to be shared.. Also think about delivering the data driven story through a unique visual that will resonate with your audience. Data is a crucial gem in grabbing audiences’ attention and distinguishing your content from the rest.

4. Avoid Call-to-Action (CTA)

Marketers make this mistake all the time by including a call to action in everything from blog, social posts, emails, webinars, ads - can't go anywhere without a call-to-action (CTA). However everything in marketing does not require a CTA. In fact, your content is more likely to be read and consumed if it feels like there are no strings attached. 

In the end putting these four elements together will make your content more engaging which in turn will build brand equity, trust, engagement and, in the long run, results, from your audience.