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We partnered with lumanu to help create a new, optimized website architecture map and content strategy to clearly articulate value, products & services to two different audiences.

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Summary: Website Architecture & Content Strategy

We partnered with lumanu to and provided fractional CMO services for this pre-seed startup. We came in to augment the existing leadership team to specifically own, lead and drive all marketing initiatives. Unety provides financial services to contractors and property owners with 3x more financial options, delivered in half the time.

lumanu's marketing needs:

  • Translate the CEO & direction and vision into marketing objectives
  • Work with CEO, VP of Partnerships and other stakeholders across marketing
  • Define the key talent the business needs to reach its goals
  • Assist in finding, interviewing and managing qualified talent to implement marketing strategy
  • Report weekly to the CEO on all KPIs mutually defined as important
  • Continually innovate ways to reach marketing and sales goals despite roadblocks


  • Blended website, targeting two audiences with two different products
  • Some value messaging


  • Website architecture map
  • Content matrix & repository with identified gaps for new site
  • Content repository, help identify gaps and manage the creation of all content for the new website.
  • Clear and bifurcated messaging, product positioning, and user flow

Chris Raniere, VP of Partnerships at lumanu:

"I partnered with Mariya to drive the strategy and framework for our new website. Mariya created both the website architecture framework and content matrix for our two-sided user audience. Her strong and strategic marketing lens along with prior experience was extremely helpful and I look forward to partnering with her on future marketing initiatives."