Brene Brown's Tips to Lead with Vulnerability

Founder of Orchid Agency
Mariya Finkelshteyn I
July 6, 2021

Current conditions are forcing us to sprint to the intersection of thoughtfulness and decisiveness. We are balancing the natural tension of moving quickly while maintaining an honest and transparent tone with our community.  Brene Brown recently sat down to share her stories of resilience and to help us understand how we can lead with transparency and courage amid these uncertain times. 

Pandemic shines a light on our potential

As we pivot, progress and pivot again we are in search of new ways of existing in what feels like the modern day Wild Wild West.  These moments of uncertainty shine light on our potential. We are at a point in which we have to lead with aggressive innovation, flexibility, transparency, collective feedback and responsiveness. 

Tis the season of courage

Let's face it - being courageous is tough in an everyday life without a pandemic!  Now more than ever employees are looking for courageous leaders within their organizations to lead with compassion, honestly, transparency and bravery. Now is the time to cultivate braver leaders and more courageous cultures, though we must be willing to lower our armor. 

Armor, not fear, gets in the way of courageous leadership. The default in moments of uncertainty and vulnerability is to armor-up. Yet it is that same armor that will ultimately deviate you from your mission. Thus in order to be consciously daring we have to put down our armor and double down on transparency and vulnerability.  

Start with transparency and vulnerability

As you are pivoting your business strategy and operations in order to survive this unprecedented time, lean in on a few recommendations from Brene Brown to lead with courage, dignity, transparency and vulnerability.