White Glove Approach to Account Based Marketing

Founder of Orchid Agency
Mariya Finkelshteyn I
July 6, 2021

Having a solid ABM strategy is critical for marketers to compete in today’s economy. In order for companies to be successful they must  make a cultural shift to deepen alignment between sales + marketing and  leverage business strategy to guide ABM strategy + platform. If executed correctly, ABM will achieve 3x better analytics, efficient spending, cross functional collaboration as well as accelerate customer acquisition + drive customer growth, retention and lifetime value.

Listen to the full podcast for key takeaways:

  • How does Mariya define account-based marketing?
  • How does Mariya handle personalized messages per account as a marketer? 
  • Why is the traditional marketing funnel upside down?
  • She talks about omni-channel marketing. 
  • What are the core pieces a company needs to have in place for account-based marketing?
  • What elements allow a company to enhance their ABM strategy?
  • The best customer is the one you already have.
  • What are some of the challenges that Mariya is looking to overcome? 
  • What are some of her favorite resources?